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Somerset Moves up to Division J

Tentative 2017 Schedule of Meet & Events

May 19 – Registration Party – 6PM @ Pool
May 20 – Pool Opens
May 30 – First Practice – 4PM @ Pool
June 10 – Time Trials – 9AM @ Pool
June 14 – B-Meet @ Little Falls
June 16 – Pot Luck Pasta Dinner 6:30PM @ Town Hall
June 17 - A-MEET
June 19 – Mini Practices Begin
June 24 – A-MEET
June 28 – B-Meet @ CCRA
July 1 – A-MEET
July 8 - A-MEET
July 12 – B-MEET HOME v. Carderock
July 15 – A-MEET
July 19 – B-MEET @ Mohican
July 22 - Divisionals/Banquet
July 29 – All Star Relays
July 30 – All Star Individuals

July 2016


Somerset had 7 relay teams swim on Saturday in the Section II MCSL Montgomery County Championships, all of whom turned in impressive performances. Here are the highlights:

· Somerset broke team relay records in 6 of 7 events

· Every relay team had a best time

· Every relay team either held their seed or moved up in the county championship today

· The third seeded girls 14 and under free relay team – Nini Panner, Delia Vanderzon, Samantha Smith, Phoebe Lewis – pulled off an upset win and set a new record

· The favored girls 13-14 medley squad – Mikey Panner, Ava Haraldsson, Nicole Vanderzon, Samantha Smith — won in a new record, and beat the field by 9 seconds.

· The girls 18 & under crescendo relay (Phoebe Lewis, Delia Vanderzon, Jessica Khanna, Ava Haraldsson, Nini Panner, finished second in a new record, knocking off more than 3 seconds

· The mixed 15-18 medley squad – Jack Chlopak, Joey Turi, Kate Chlopak, Jessica Khanna – finished third from a sixth seed- and shattered the record they set just 3 weeks ago by more than 6 seconds

· The girls open 200 medley team – Kate Chlopak, Ava Haraldsson, Nicole Vanderzon, Jessica Khanna – reset the team record for the 5th time this season, slicing another second and finishing third overall.

· The mixed 13-14 free relay team – Samantha Smith, Perry Smith, Kesh Khanna and Ava Haraldsson – set a new team record and moved up a spot to finish 4th.

· The boys 11-12 medley relay team – Clay Davis, Emmett Freeman, Miles Haraldsson, David Panner – moved up a spot and had a best season time in finishing 5th.

On Sunday, eight Dolphins swam in the Individual All-Star Championship that brings together the fastest swimmers in MCSL across the entire county. Here are the highlights:

· Delia Vanderzon swam a blistering race to finish 2nd overall in 11-12 backstroke and set a new team record. Delia also finished 9th overall in butterfly lowering her own team record

· Nata Freeman cruised to a 6th place finish overall in 9-10 breast and in the process lowered her team record

· Joey Turi had two very strong swims, finishing 7th in 15-18 IM, and 9th in the very fast 100 freestyle

· Kate Chlopak stroked her way to an 11th place finish in 15-18 backstroke, and lowered her team record for the third consecutive week

· Joey Panner had a season best time en route to a 12th place finish in 9-10 breast

· Samantha Smith swam against very fast competition in 13-15 fly, and finished 12th. Her teammate Nicole Vanderzon also turned in a strong performance in her last race in the 13-14 age group and finished 16th.

· Ava Haraldsson finished a very strong season with a 14th place finish in 13-14 freestyle


Somerset brought it’s A game to the Division K Championship meet on a scorching July morning, winning the Division Championship meet by 58 points and sealing a victory as the Division K Champions for the second consecutive year. Somerset finished first in the Division with 54 points over Clarksburg’s 48 points in a close battle that depended on today’s Division Championship meet – a meet that was close until the end.

Joey Turi (15-18 free, IM, breast, fly) and Delia Vanderzon (11-12 IM, free, back, fly) paced the Dolphins to victory with 4 wins each in all of their individual events. Ava Haraldsson (13-14 free, breast) won two events, and Phoebe Lewis (8 & under breast) and Nata Freeman (9-10 breast) each touched first in an event to help the Dolphins rack up a winning score.

Twenty-four swimmers had best times in the championship meet when it counted most, and 7 Somerset swimmers broke a total of 11 team dual meet records, and our relay squads also broke two relay records. Kate Chlopak was a perfect 5 for 5 breaking records in 15-18 free and IM that stood since 1987, her own 100 back record, and the 16 year old 50 fly record. Kate was also part of the record-breaking 200 medley relay team along with Ava Haraldsson, Nicole Vanderzon and Jessica Khanna, a group that has broken this record 4 times this season. Ava Haraldsson lowered both of her 13-14 records in free and breast. Mikey Panner set a new record in 13-14 back formerly held by Samantha Smith who went under her old record as well. Joey Turi lowered his 15-18 breast record and Delia Vanderzon sliced a little time off her own 11-12 free record. Nata Freeman tied her record in 9-10 breast. The girls graduated freestyle relay squad, Nini Panner, Delia Vanderzon, Samantha Smith and Phoebe Lewis, closed out the meet with a record-breaking swim.

Somerset swimmers rang up Allstar times in event after event; 15 Dolphins stroked a total of 31 Allstar times to push the team to victory – an achievement that may be a record itself. Today’s Allstars include Jack Chlopak (15-18 back), Kate Chlopak (15-18 free, back, IM, fly), Emmett Freeman (11-12 breast), Nata Freeman (9-10 breast), Ava Haraldsson (13-14 free, IM, breast), Jessica Khanna (15-18 free), Phoebe Lewis (8 & under breast), Avery Mascott (8 & under back), Joey Panner (9-10 breast, fly), Mikey Panner (13-14 back), Nini Panner (9-10 free, fly), Samantha Smith (13-14 free, IM, back, fly), Joey Turi (15-18 free, IM, breast, fly), Delia Vanderzon (11-12 IM, free, back, fly) and Nicole Vanderzon (13-14 fly).

Among the 24 swimmers who had season best times today, several cut more than a second to add to Somerset’s winning point total today. These include Jack Chlopak, Kate Chlopak, Emmett Freeman, Jessica Khanna, Amery Mascott, Ananiya Neeck, Dylan Reilly, Simon Schwartz, Perry Smith, and Joey Turi.

Congratulations to all our Division Champion swimmers, and a huge thanks to our parent volunteers who worked in extreme heat today, and to our coaches for their hard work and leadership. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. Congratulations Somerset.


In the final regular meet of the season, Somerset dominated a strong and undefeated team from Calverton with a 446 to 344 win. The unexpectedly large margin was thanks to the strong performances of so many swimmers. In all, Somerset won first place in 36 of 50 events. Today twenty Dolphins lowered their times by at least one second, including Hayden Bitz (13-14 IM), Jack Chlopak (15-18 free and IM), Kate Chlopak (15-18 IM), Isabel Finn (8 & under free), Phoebe Fortune (9-10 free), Yasha Fotoohi (15-18 breast), Eliza Fox (8 & under free), Miles Haraldsson (11-12 fly), Jonas Hawkins (8 & under free, breast and fly), Kalman Levitin (8 & under free), Andres Lopez-forestier (11-12 free), Ananiya Neeck (15-18 breast), Macsen Owen (8 & under back), Oscar Pilot (13-14 back and breast), Dylan Reilly (8 & under free and back), Catherine Smith (11-12 breast), Tommy Turi (15-18 IM), Thomas Waltzman (8 & under fly), Evan Williams (9-10 breast), Zachary Yuffee (9-10 free and fly). Thirty-seven swimmers had at least one personal best today.

Delia Vanderzon rang in her 13th birthday with wins in all events in which she swam (IM, free, back and fly), joined by Jack Chlopak and Kesh Khanna (who were not celebrating birthdays but who each brought home four blue ribbons). Thirty-nine different Somerset swimmers delivered a first, second or third place finish. Emmett Freeman, Phoebe Lewis, Avery Mascott, Ava Haraldsson, and Jessica Khanna captured two first place ribbons each and Kate Chlopak and Samantha Smith secured three blue ribbons for the team. Nata Freeman brought home the top time in 9-10 breaststroke while Hayden Bitz did the same in 13-14 back. Nini Panner crushed the competition winning first in the girls 9-10 free while, like bookends, Joey Panner did the same in girls 9-10 fly.

This week’s Allstars include Kate Chlopak (15-18 back), Nata Freeman (9-10 breast), Ava Haraldsson (13-14 free, IM and breast), Phoebe Lewis (8 & under breast), Avery Mascott (8 & under back), Joey Panner (9-10 breast and fly), Mikey Panner (13-14 back), Samantha Smith (13-14 free, IM, back and fly), Delia Vanderzon (11-12 IM, free, back and fly) and Nicole Vanderzon (13-14 fly).

But a highlight of the meet was our solo graduating senior, Yasha Fotoohi, who in his final regular season swim as a Dolphin dropped a remarkable 3 seconds and fought to the last stroke for a 0.01 second victory in the 15-18 boys breaststroke. Congratulations, Yasha! You are truly a role model for our team. We wish you all the best and we will miss you.

Congratulations to all of our swimmers. Their hard work is paying off. Thanks also to our stellar coaching staff and the parents and families who make every meet possible.


July 11-16

Lineup for Saturday Showdown with undefetated Calverton – last A Meet of the Summer

Carderock B-Meet Results

B RELAY CARNIVAL IS SUNDAY, JULY 17 at TALLYHO -This meet is a ton of fun and is for everyone!  Look for details later this week! Congrats to the parents who will swim the final relay: Matt Zaft, Perry Smith, Barron Williams, Adam Levitin



Somerset capped a weekend of swim meets with a second win in as many days at the Division K Relay Carnival, finishing with 196 points to outswim Clarksburg (174) and Calverton (172) in a meet that was close throughout.  Five Dolphin relay teams finished first at the meet and will represent Somerset at the Montgomery County Allstar Relays.  Six relay team broke Somerset team records while leading the Dolphins to their win.

The winning teams were the girls open 200 meter medley relay (Kate Chlopak, Ava Haraldsson, Nicole Vanderzon and Jessica Khanna) which lowered its team record for the fourth consecutive swim.  The 15-18 mixed medley relay (Jack Chlopak, Joey Turi, Kate Chlopak, Jessica Khanna) also touched first and shaved more than 2 seconds off the old record.  The 11-12 boys medley (Oren Minsk, Emmett Freeman, Miles Haraldsson, David Panner) pulled out a win in a close race.  The fourth victory of the day came in the girls 13-14 medley (Mikey Panner, Ava Haraldsson, Nicole Vanderzon, Samantha Smith) in which the girls crushed the prior team record by 11 seconds, and beat the rest of the Division K field by 13 seconds.  The final win came in the last event of the meet, the girls 18 & under freestyle crescendo relay.  The team of Phoebe Lewis, Delia Vanderzon, Jessica Khanna, Ava Haraldsson and Nini Panner slashed 9 seconds off the prior team record and beat the rest of the field by 6 seconds.

The other record breakers today were the 15-18 mixed freestyle relay (Jessica Khanna, Kate Chlopak, Jack Chlopak, Joey Turi) which finished a close second and dropped the record by more than 4 seconds. The girls 14 & under graduated medley relay (Avery Mascott, Nata Freeman, Nicole Vanderzon, Delia Vanderzon) also lowered the team record by nearly a second in a re-swim of an event in which they finished third after winning the first time.  That was an especially tough break for these girls but at least they will have their names among the Somerset record holders.

Somerset’s victory also rested on many strong performances in addition to the winners.  The Dolphins finished second in 5 events, and third in 4 others.  Combined with their 5 wins, the Dolphins finished in the top half of the Division in 14 of the 22 events at the Relay Carnival, using its depth to bring home the win.

In keeping with Somerset’s strong relay performance, the Somerset coaches finished second in their medley relay following the meet.  Congratulations to Gavin Springer, Abigail Muro, Jessica Khanna and Nate Albert.  And, in the final, final event of the day, the Somerset parents kept their winning streak alive and won a decided victory in the parent freestyle relay.  Congratulations to Michael Rourke, Kathryn Sellig Williams, Fiona Fox and Jim Vanderzon.

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY WISHES GO OUT TO OUR HARDWORKING A REPS – AMY POWER AND MAURA VANDERZON who share a birthday today.  Is it a coincidence that the last time Somerset won the A relay carnival it was also on July 10 (their birthday)?????  This is a good karma day for us all around – happy birthday Amy and Maura and congratulations to the team for a great weekend of winning swimming!



Somerset            196
Clarksburg          174
Calverton            172
Whetstone         154
Norbeck               146
Ashton           104

Somerset Rebounds to Defeat Whetstone and the Humidity

Somerset 416, Whetstone 369

Somerset broke 8 team records and improved to 3-1 in the 2016 dual meet season with a 416 to 369 win over host Whetstone on a very hot and humid summer morning. Delia Vanderzon led the Dolphins to victory with wins in all of her individual events (11-12 IM, free, back, fly), and Joey Turi (15-18 free, IM, breast) and Kate Chlopak (15-18 back, breast, fly) each won 3 events to power the Dolphins to victory.

Thirteen separate Dolphin swimmers notched Allstar times and 38 had season best times at the fast Whetstone pool. Today’s Allstars include Kate Chlopak (15-18 back), Emmett Freeman (11-12 breast), Nata Freeman (9-10 breast), Ava Haraldsson (13-14 free, IM, breast), Jessica Khanna (15-18 free), Kesh Khanna (13-14 breast), Joey Panner (9-10 breast, fly), Mikey Panner (13-14 back), Nini Panner (9-10 free, fly), Samantha Smith (13-14 free, IM, back, fly), Joey Turi (15-18 free, IM, breast, fly), Delia Vanderzon (11-12 IM, free, back, fly) and Nicole Vanderzon (13-14 fly).

In the course of setting many new team records, Dolphin swimmers took down some breaststroke marks that had stood for years.  Kate Chlopak broke a 30 year old record in 15-18 breast while lowering her own record in back.  Ava Haraldsson knocked down a 24 year old record in 13-14 breast while setting a new record in free.  Nata Freeman broke an 11 year old record in 9-10 breast.  The other record breakers were Samantha Smith in 13-14 fly and Delia Vanderzon in 11-12 free.  In addition, the girls open medley team (Kate Chlopak, Ava Haraldsson, Nicole Vanderzon, Jessica Khanna) reset this record for the third straight meet, shaving off nearly two seconds from their time last week.  Way to go girls!

The other event winners today were Oren Minsk (11-12 free, back), Jessica Khanna (15-18 free, IM), Ava Haraldsson (13-14 free, breast), Emmett Freeman (11-12 IM, breast) and Henry Walker (8 & under back, breast) each of whom won two events.  Single event winners include Kesh Khanna (13-14 breast), Samantha Smith (13-14 IM), Jonas Hawkins (8 & under free), Phoebe Lewis (8 & under breast), Nata Freeman (9-10 breast), and Miles Haraldsson (11-12 fly).

Not only did many Dolphins swim season best times today, but a large number also cut significant amounts of time.  Swimmers who dropped at least a second today include Hayden Bitz, Abbie Bobeck, Jack Chlopak, Kate Chlopak, Carter Davis, Yasha Fotoohi – who was honored by Whetstone today at their graduating senior day, Emmett Freeman, Nata Freeman, Jonas Hawkins, Jessica Khanna, Evelyn Labson, Drew Lamel, Phoebe Lewis, Lucas Lopez forastier, Manali Neeck, Nini Panner, Henry Patrick, Catherine Smith, Perry Smith, Joey Turi, Anne Stuart Waltzman, and Thomas Waltzman.

Congratulations to all of our swimmers on the win and a day of fast racing.  Special thanks to the coaches and parent volunteers for your work and assistance on a hot morning.

July 2, 2016

Clarksburg 409, Somerset 375

Somerset dropped its first meet in two seasons to a strong, well-balanced and undefeated Clarksburg Town Center Team, 409-375, and is now 2-1 in its dual meet season.  While missing some swimmers on a holiday weekend, the Dolphins had a number of very strong performances in perfect swimming conditions.  Joey Turi (15-18 free, IM, breast, fly) and Delia Vanderzon (11-12 IM, free, back, fly) each won all four of their individual events.  Kate Chlopak (15-18 back, IM, fly) and Samantha Smith (13-14 back, IM, fly) each added three wins to help the Dolphins stay in competition.

In winning her backstroke race Kate Chlopak took down one of Somerset’s oldest team records, set by Helen Clemmer in 1987, and then was congratulated on the pool deck by Helen’s mother in a very touching moment.  Delia Vanderzon broke two records (11-12 free and fly) both of which were set last year. The girls open medley relay squad (Kate Chlopak, Ava Haraldsson, Nicole Vanderzon, Jessica Khanna) also broke the record for this event for the second straight week.

On a day of some very fast swimming, 11 Dolphins notched Allstar times, and 35 Somerset swimmers had personal bests.  This weeks Allstars include:  Jack Chlopak (15-18 back), Kate Chlopak (15-18 back), Nata Freeman (9-10 breast), Ava Haraldsson (13-14 free, IM, breast), Avery Mascott (8 & under back), Joey Panner (9-10 breast), Mikey Panner (13-14 back), Nini Panner (9-10 fly), Samantha Smith (13-14 free, IM, back, fly), Delia Vanderzon (11-12 IM, free, back, fly) and Nicole Vanderzon (13-14 fly).

Eleven different Dolphins also touched first in individual events against the Clarksburg Tiger Sharks.  In addition to those already mentioned, Jessica Khanna (15-18 free, breast), Kesh Khanna (13-14 IM, breast), Nini Panner (9-10 free, fly), and Ava Haraldsson (13-14 free, breast) each won two events.  Rounding out the winners, Jack Chlopak (15-18 back), Avery Mascott (8 & under back), and Nata Freeman (9-10 breast) each won one event.  Somerset also won the boys open medley relay (Jack Chlopak, Yasha Fotoohi, Joey Turi, Tommy Turi), the girls open medley in record time, and the girls free graduated relay (Nini Panner, Delia Vanderzon, Samantha Smith, Avery Mascott).

The mid season meet still saw many substantial time drops on the Dolphin squad.  Those who dropped at least a second in an event include Jack Chlopak, Kate Chlopak, Maya Donnelly Cohen, Emmett Freeman, Kesh Khanna, Kalman Levitin, Phoebe Lewis, Ananiya Neeck, Manali Neeck, Justin Smith, Tommy Turi, Natalie Veksler, Jake Williams, Natalie Williams, and Joseph Wrona.

Congratulations to all of our swimmers on their hard work and performances, and a special thanks to our parent volunteers and coaches who gave up a portion of the July 4th holiday weekend to work this meet.

June 2016


B MEET at HOME VS. CCRA ON WEDNESDAY! We will be HOME on Wednesday against CCRA. Please be on the lookout for the line up. We will be sending out a volunteer roster today for planning purposes!

BREAKFAST WITH THE COACHES continues this week at 10am, immediately following morning practice. Our new approach of offering FREE breakfast for all swimmers who pitch in and help under the coaches’ supervision has been very successful!

A MEET ON SATURDAY HOME AGAINST CLARKSBURG TOWN CENTER! There are only 3 undefeated teams in our Division and, after next Saturday, there will be one fewer. We will meet the very strong, undefeated CTC team at home on Saturday. We need all swimmers (and parents, friends, supporters) out to cheer the team on in what will be a tough battle for sure!

MINI PRACTICE CONTINUES THIS WEEK – M, W, and F at either 3:30 or 4.

We are booked for JULY 7 (Rain date TBD) for TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS with Classic Photography. Be on the lookout for the order envelopes!
Thanks to RUTH ALBERT for organizing!

Thursday July 21, 11:45-1:45.
Meet: At the pool at 11:00 AM
Who: Swim Team and Chaperones/Babysitters welcome to play
Price: $20-25 Depending upon group size
What: 2 Games, pizza, snacks and drinks
WE NEED 2 ADULT CHAPERONES – please let us know if you can drive/chaperone


June 25: Dolphins Win Nail Biter in First Home A Meet - Results

June 22: Little Falls B- Meet Results

June 18: Somerset Wins First A Meet of the 2016 Season!

Somerset kicked off the 2016 dual meet swim season with a strong win over Ashton on the road by a score of 413 to 360. Delia Vanderzon led the Dolphins with four first place finishes (11-12 IM, Free, Back and Fly) with strong support from Samantha Smith’s (13-14 IM, Back, Fly) and Kesh Khanna’s (13-14 Free, IM, Breast) three wins each. Four other Dolphins were multi-event winners to start the season: Jessica Khanna (15-18 Free, Breast), Ava Haraldsson (13-14 Free, Breast), Nini Panner (9-10 Free, Back) and Henry Walker (8&under Back, Breast).

In one of the most exciting races of the day, Samantha Smith and Nicole Vanderzon both eclipsed the Somerset team record in 13-14 fly set by Nicole last season. The two finished less than a second apart; Samantha owns the record for now.

In this first meet with several swimmers missing due to conflicts, Somerset still saw seven swimmers log Allstar times. Nata Freeman (9-10 breast), Ava Haraldsson (13-14 Free, IM, Breast), Joey Panner (9-10 Breast, Fly), Mikey Panner (13-14 Back), Samantha Smith (13-14 Free, IM, Back, Fly), Delia Vanderzon (11-12 IM, Free, Back, Fly) and Nicole Vanderzon (13-14 Fly).

Proving that it takes a team effort to win a swim meet, 10 other Dolphins won individual events on Saturday. They are Joey Panner (9-10 Fly), Avery Mascott (8&under Back), Phoebe Lewis (8&under breast), Asher Lewis (9-10 Free), Nata Freeman 9-10 breast), Patrick Crowell (9-10 Fly), Emmett Freeman (11-12 Breast), David Satloff (8&under Fly), Zachary Yuffee (9-10 Breast) and Abbie Bobeck (11-12 Breast).

Somerset capped off the meet with a 1-2 finish in the girls 14 & under 175 free graduated relay. The squad of Nini Panner, Delia Vanderzon, Samantha Smith and Avery Mascott won the event; Joey Panner, Ava Pilot, Mikey Panner and Phoebe Lewis finished second.

Coach Bess named Henry Patrick and Eliza Fox as swimmers of the meet for their strong efforts in multiple events. Special congratulations also goes out to our 2 brave swim ups — THANK YOU Curran Holden and Henry Patrick for getting in with the big boys and scoring points!

Congratulations to all of the Dolphin swimmers and a big thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped with the meet.

May 2016


April 2016

Our concessions team has organized a Somerset Dolphins Fundraiser at Potomac Pizza on WEDNESDAY, MAY 11! Please dine-in or order out between 4pm and 10pm and mention Somerset and 20% will go to the swim team!

Keep it here for an update on registration. Each registered swimmer and mini will receive a special vintage Somerset Swimmer t-shirt like this!

The pool opens one day early for swimmers at our registration party on Friday, May 20 at 6pm. You can not only swim and get the kids dinner (we’ll be selling pizza), but you will be able to register, pick up your spirit wear, and buy the team swim suit and other gear from Sport Fair, our apparel vendor who will be on site. We will also be selling Somerset Parent T-Shirts!

February 2016

Ready to Defend Our Title!

Summer 2016 – Somerset Returns to Division K

Preliminary 2016 Schedule of Meet & Events

May 20 – Registration Party – 6PM @ Pool
May 21 – Pool Opens
May 31 – First Practice – 4PM @ Pool
June 11 – Time Trials – 9AM @ Pool
June 15 – B-Meet @ Palisades
June 17 – Pot Luck Pasta Dinner 6:30PM @ Town Hall

June 18 – A-Meet @ Ashton
June 20 – Mini Practices Begin
June 20-24 Breakfast w/Coaches – 10AM after AM 
June 22 – B-Meet HOME  v. Little Falls
June 27-July 1 Breakfast w/Coaches
- 10AM after AM Practice
June 29 – B-Meet HOME v. CCRA
July 6 – B-Meet @ Bannockburn
July 7 – Team Photo (4:30 Minis; 5:00 Team Individuals; 5:30 Team Photo)
July 7 – 6:30 Dessert contest
July 9 – A-Meet @ Whetstone
July 10 – A Relay Carnival
July 13 – B-MEET @ Carderock
July 17 – B Relay Carnival @ TallyHo
July 18 – MCSL Six Flags Swim Team Spectacular
July 23 - 
July 30 – All Star Relays
July 31 – All Star Individuals


NEVER TOO LATE: You can still register for the 2016 Dolphins or Minis here

SOCIAL EVENTS: – Please see the calendar of team social events here.

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